Level 1 Lifesaver (BLS)

WLTAC Range 1 Red Rock

This course will provide you with Basic Lifesaving (BLS) skills for self and buddy aid beyond the typical Boo-Boo kit. You will: Evaluate a casualty Control Massive Bleeding – tourniquet, hemostatic agents, wound packing, etc. Manage an obstructed airway Intervene for respiratory trauma Hands-only CPR (MICR) Prevent/Manage Hypothermia and Shock We will also cover trauma […]

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Defensive Pistol 1

WLTAC Range 1 Red Rock

This course is intended to introduce a broad range of concepts of defensive shooting. The focus of this course is to provide the student with as much firearm manipulations as possible. This course will focus heavily on situational awareness, the perfection of the draw stroke, one-handed shooting, the importance of up retention shooting and close […]

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